Web-based widget for showing the latest posts from a GNU Social profile.

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HTTPS: darcs clone https://vervis.peers.community/repos/ZEYKo

SSH: darcs clone USERNAME@vervis.peers.community:ZEYKo




πŸ—Ž demo.css
πŸ—Ž demo.html
πŸ—Ž gsembed.css
πŸ—Ž gsembed.js
πŸ—Ž jquery-3.3.1.min.js



GSEmbed is a web-based widget which displays a given GNU Social user’s feed on a website.

How to Use

  1. Check if a version of jQuery newer than the copy included with GSEmbed is available by visiting jQuery’s website. If so, you are advised download this version and use it instead of the included file.
  2. Copy the gsembed.js, gsembed.css and jquery-3.3.1.min.js files to a publically accessible location on your website’s server.
  3. Link to these files in the <head> of any documents on which you wish to include the widget. Order does not matter but make sure to link to jQuery before linking to GSEmbed.
  4. Add an element to the page with an id attribute. You may wish to add a message to the element which is shown in case GSEmbed is not loaded.
  5. Visit the desired GNU Social page for the widget and find the Activity Streams link. Copy its address for the next step.
  6. In any <script> tag after including gsembed.js, add the line gsembed.addWidget(β€œx”, β€œy”); to a jQuery function, where x is replaced with the Activity Streams link from step 5 and y is replaced with a hash symbol followed by the id from step 4.


All included documentation and scripts of GSEmbed are available under the Apache License 2.0, with the exception of the jQuery library which is available under the Expat License from jQuery.com.

Copyright Β© 2018 UltrasonicMadness.

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