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This is a translation of “יש אש”.

There is a fire
A fire that cannot be put out
A fire fed by the beating of hearts
A fire that sparks with the connection of souls
A fire that burns inside the bones

There is a fire
A fire you cannot choke under a blanket
A fire that spreads in the whole body
A fire exuding scents of coconut and vanilla
A fire that colors and awakens all that is transparent

There is a fire
A fire that can be drowned in a bucket
A fire that be hidden behind a curtain
A fire that can be burried deep in the groud
A fire that can be thrown out of the window
A fire that can be squeezed into a box and launched to outer space
But no matter what you do
It will come back and burn in yellow and red
Strong and hot and yet modest
Because this fire, it’s special
This fire burns from love
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