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Where I see a moth, you see a butterfly
When I worry what comes, you cherish what goes
Where I see a mosquito, you see a firefly
Where I see a grey thorn, you see a pink rose

Where I see ice, you see a diamond
Where you see sheer beauty, I see plain mess
Where I hear noise, you hear soft music
Where I see a shirt, you see a colorful dress

Where I see mud, you see the rain
Where I see the black night, you see the sun rise
Where I see light, you see a rainbow
Where I see those curves, you see sweet brown eyes

Okay I lied, I do see what you see and our hearts set the weather
We feel close and warm even when we are far
But one sight is more beautiful than all of these together
Where you see yourself in the mirror, I see a shining pink red white star
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