Simple server-side e-mail aggregation setup

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Currently there is no packaging for any distro. Higher quality would probably be
required, see 'TODO' file.

There is no compiled code and no sophisticated installer, therefore the only
maintenance and installation requirements are coreutils.

The runtime dependencies of 'doar' are:

- a shell, e.g. Bash
- coreutils
- sed
- awk
- mpop
- msmtp (although you can easily switch to any other MDA or MTA)
- cron

How to Install

You have two options:

1. Install things manually, according to the instructions below
2. Run the '' script as root, which does exactly the same

Then, the users which have mail accounts on the server will need to configure
their 'account\_defs' and 'account\_list' files.

The process is as follows.

1. The file '' should be in the PATH. You can put it under
   `/usr/local/bin`. Rename it to 'doar' without extension, unless you also
   modify the crob job in the next step to use the correct name.
2. The file 'doar.cron' should be in `/etc/cron.d`. You can rename it to just
3. The file 'mpoprc' should be in `/etc/doar`.
4. If you want, you can put,, INSTALL, README, TODO and
   AUTHORS in `/usr/local/share/doar` for future usage/reference.

How to Uninstall

To uninstall, simply remove these files. '' can do this for you (run
as root). BEFORE you rely on it, make sure it has the correct filenames,
otherwise it may miss a file, or worse, delete the wrong file. If you used
'', then '' will undo the changes.

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