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Here you can find documentation of the various tools and ways to interact with the content and with the computing resources on Rel4tion’s server. This includes all the git repositories (the wiki is one of them), additional access used for the wiki (e.g. web interface, sftp), general use communication services (e.g. jabber, bitlbee, infinote) and maybe other things.

The information provided includes quick “HowTo”s and “Getting Started”s, guides and instructions for administering the server, and general purpose user and admin guides that can be applied on any server.

Services offered and systems (possibly) running are tagged as follows:

Also appended tags:

Initial Steps

Content Access

Collaboration Tools


wip section, a.k.a TODO

infinote, etherpad, SIP, distributed forum, cjdns, tahoe, pootle, media conversions, yacy

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