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This is going to be the place for:



I wanted to put all these files under ikiwiki, but all the JS and CSS are going to be a problem with ikiwiki’s html sanitizer. There’s no easy safe way to handle this, other than somehow integrate doxygen with ikiwiki and/or provide Markdown output for it. There’s XML output but I’d need to write an XSL script or something. Too much for now.

I’m going to work with two things. The ‘generated’ underlay and a new subdomain doc. It will be a subdomain for all the documents that are not generated from the wiki’s source repo. Ideally these files should be under /srv/www or /var/www or something like that, but I don’t want to waste the space there too much. On the other hand, Trisquel will come soon. I do have 5 GB free there right now.

The idea is as follows. In the wiki, there are parent pages for the 4 kinds of documents. Let’s take the manuals as an example. There is basically a list of projects under the manuals page, and each project in the list has its subpage with version subpages, and special “latest” and “stable” symlinks.

Should these project pages be auto-generated? They can be, using the contents of their folder, but how do you e.g. determine whether there is a stable version? How do you tell which one is stable? What if different projects have different version numbering conventions for this?

Here’s an idea. Do maintain a list of versions manually in the wiki, with links to pages under the new subdomain. For example, www.partager.null/projects/sif/documentation has a list of links to version specific html pages such as doc.partager.null/manual/sif/0.1.1/. The top of the doc subdomain page hierarchy can be generated using dirlisting or something like that, and even have a custom CSS.

The way to get a list of all the docs for a given project is to see its documentation subpage on the wiki.

Note that new versions already require wiki commits, such as updating the latest version number and the links to new torrents and tarballs, so adding another thing to commit is not a big deal.

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