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Rel4tion is dedicated to freedom of software, information and cultural works. All the data files and specifications for are free culture works. All the related software libraries and programs are free (libre) software.

Releasing something to the world is generally enough to make it free, but since law and its enforcement forces are a common form of violence, a primary tool for setting the work free is the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) Public Domain Dedication. Several components are under CC by-sa 4.0 and GPLv3+ (but may be relicensed in the future).

In any case, nobody is going to sue anybody. You are only asked one thing: Use the materials made here in an ethical way for humanity’s benefit, in which people are the primary concern, not money. Please make your work and copies free as in freedom. This project aims to help make the world free and beautiful. Please use and reuse it in the same spirit :-)

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